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Founded in 1958, Jinan Steel is the largest steel company in Shandong Province and the largest steel plates manufacturer & exporter in China, with employees of 38,000 and total assets of 16.7 billion Yuan. Main procession includes: coking, sintering, iron making, steel making and steel rolling. Main products include: steel plates, bars, rebars, channels, angels, coke by-products, ductile cast iron pipes, etc. In 2003 it produced 5.05 million tons of raw steel, 4.18 million tons of iron, 4.415 million tons of steel products, with a sales value of 14.87 billion Yuan and export volume of 156 million US dollars, the profit before and after tax was 2.09 and 1.02 billion Yuan respectively.

Since the 15th plenary of CPC Congress, guided by the Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Three Representative Thoughts, Jinan Steel has always laid development as the first important task. The Company has achieved trans-normal and leaping development through getting more flexible in marketing economy, enhancing core competitiveness and implementing six strategies on "low cost, sustainable development, perfect product, export-driven, human resources and IT". During recent 6 years the output of steel was doubled, the steel products was 2.6 times than that of 6 years ago, the sales value, profit before and after tax were raised 1.4, 5.5, 4.8 times respectively than before. The annual incomes of employees rose 1.7 times, increased at 18% yearly. It was the period in the history of Jinan Steel in which the Company realized the most rapid development, the most social fames and profits and the most agglomerated unit and the employees benefited most.

The low cost strategy: Jinan Steel keeps the lowest cost of steel plates in steel industry in consecutive 10 years. In order to popularizing the experience of Jinan Steel, the Meeting on cost reduction & energy saving co-hosted by National Metallurgy Bureau & Shandong Municipal Government was held in the Company in 1999, whereafter the experience of Jinan Steel has been shared broadly. Jinan Steel operates in high efficiency and quick rhythm in long time practice, with high operation rate of facilities. The output of raw steel in 1991 reached 1million tons. It exceeded 2 million tons in 1996 and 3 million tons in 2000. In 2002 it was close to 4 million tons and in 2003 it ascended to 5 million tons. 

The perfect product strategy: To improve quality guarantee capability, a state level technology center & lab and post-doctor research station have been set up. Applying OA and ERP system, the Company controls procession management and business online. Jinan Steel has got qualified certificates on quality, security and environment guarantee system. It conforms the three systems early in China and get qualified in marketing & service system. The steel plates for ship building are certified by 10 ship class bureaus from 9 countries. Jinan Steel has been one of the outstanding companies with best quality & efficiency, and won Special Award and National Quality Management Award. In the newly erected 120t converter, new technologies of KR iron pretreatment, LF+VD are in application. High grade steel of X70 can be made with high purity and technical requirement. The steel plate rolling mill is provided the strongest rolling force and highest accuracy in China. Jinan Steel insists on developing clean procession, manufacturing green products to meet the individual requirement of the customers. The flagship product of steel plates has set a good image in domestic and abroad.

The export-driven strategy: Locating position in international coordinate, Jinan steel participates the competition and cooperation worldwide, which leading to improvement of management, technology and service. The products have been exported to 20 countries and regions including South East Asia, EU and America, and the Company keeps ranking top among steel companies in export volume, as for the steel plates ranking 1st.

Jinan Steel insists on its core valuation concept of "To be respectable, trustable and win-win" and the mission of "Serve the customers, pay back to the investors, enrich the employees and contribute to the society". With the spirit of "Start everyday with innovation", we keep on innovating and pursuing to be excellent. Any difficulty will be overcome with the whole company being fired by the unity in harmony and solidity. The mutual respect and care between labor and management has cultivated an inspiring situation in Jinan Steel.

Facing with challenge of globalized economy and opportunity of construction of a richer society, Jinan Steel will insist on the new type industrializing way, developing itself into steel plates manufacturing base of first ranking in China and leading in the world, with a future capacity of 8-10 million t/a. More technology reforming and structure adjusting will be performed. Prominence will be given to production of steel plates and the diversified service to individual customers. We will keep laying emphasis on the best quality, lowest cost, varied specs. high tech content and high value added of the products. The facilities are turning mass, compact and automation, the products structure changing to more high-grade from original carbon steel only. Jinan Steel is believed to be in row of leading companies in steel Industry.


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